The Baby Diary
2002-01-08 22:08:25 (UTC)

Tavel plans while pregnant!

Ted and I made a mad dash out to Utah and Arizona last week
to attend a funeral. I won’t go into all the details about
that as it’s too complicated to explain. However I did
learn a few things about traveling while you are pregnant…

I had so much trouble sleeping in the different beds while
I was away. We stayed in comfortable places, but it wasn’t
MY bed and I think the little one knew that too! I tossed
and turned the whole time and never really got a good
nights sleep.

I also had problems with food. I have about 5- 10 foods
that I can eat that don’t make me sick. Also, I’m lucky
that I haven’t really been sick (as in vomiting) as long as
I can get to food as soon as I feel hungry. This is a real
problem when you are driving through the desert that is
Utah and Arizona!

My first problem came when the Flight attendant told us
that there would be no meal on our flight. We had been
told there was going to be a meal and therefore had not
eaten anything of substance. This left me with only
peanuts and drink for about 7 hours! We got out of the
airport and started our drive to Salt Lake all the time
with me looking longingly at the restaurants. Ted wanted
to get a bit out of town before we stopped. He was
POSITIVE there was a town up the road that we could eat
at. NOPE! No town…no food. I went almost 9 hours with
nothing to eat but the crackers I was smart enough to have

This was the same story for the whole trip. We eventually
reached a point where Ted would pass any type of food place
and he would ask if we needed to stop! It got better as
the trip progressed, but I have no desire to repeat it!

So I’m home now and happy to be near food all the time and
in my own bed! I have an appointment with the OBGYN Monday
and I’ll let you know what’s up at that point.