Happiness has come to the world
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2002-01-08 22:07:09 (UTC)

Two days down, three to go

Brandon came up to me today and asked me..."Hey, are you
going to the hockey game on Friday?" Me..."Uhh, what hockey
game?" Him..."The one for FCA!" "Well, I have a lockin
that night (more bad news on this later)." Him..."So does
Kim! Just go to the game and I will take you to the lockin
afterwards when I take her." I would love to go to the
game, because, well, IT"S HOCKEY...but I don't want to miss
part of the lockin. And the rest of the bad news is that I
saw that the conference swim meet is that Saturday morning
at 9:00 at ShooPal. This presents a problem. Because you
know, that means Jordan probably won't be able to go. I
mean, he might be able to stay for a little bit, but not
enough to have fun! And the rest of the bad news is that I
think Kurtis is coming. He asked me if we were having a
lockin on Friday, and I was so tempted to say no, but I bet
anything that Adam would tell him otherwise. Oh geesh, this
could not be good at ALL! And I really wish my other diary
was working, but I can't get to it and I'm going cuh-razy!
It's absolutely awful. Anyways, I got my yearbook
assignments. I get to do boy's swimming! I'm sooo excited!
I get to go with them to a meet I think, and I get to go to
one of their practices, and then I will have to go to
sectionals, on Valentine's Day of all days! But oh well.
And I will get to take their pictures, and I am so happy. I
also have to do both boy's and girl's track. I can handle
that. The only problem that I will have is talking to the
people on the teams. I hate that! I will have to get
quotes from Shaver, most definitely, and he is the one
person I don't feel like talking to. And I will also have
to get Kendall and McCord, but that's easy enough. Oh well,
that is only six pages worth, but honestly it's so cool.
I'm going to have six pages in the yearbook that I made. I
like this class. I have to really get started on swimming,
because there's only a little over a month left in the
season. Then I will have a break for a while before I start
up with track. That will be interesting. I had something
interesting to say, but I can't remember now. My Spanish
teacher thinks that we know how to say all of this stuff in
Spanish when really no one has a clue of anything that he is
saying except Fawn who can decipher everything. I get more
than most, but not her, that's for sure. It makes me mad.
Hehe, oh well. Then the bus ride home was interesting, as
always. My head was killing me, but I'm all drugged up now,
so I'm fine. Anyways, I'm out for now.

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