mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-01-08 22:01:02 (UTC)

New Van

Well, today i drove the new van for the 1st time. Only
drove it to take the kids to school, but it seems to handle
well, and only problem i could find was that i thought it
took kinda long to get heat in it. having never had a van
before, I don't know if it really took too long or not.
once it did get heat, it was hotter than hell in there.
I will probably take it down to Ct tomorrow, when i go to
see my kids, it will be a surprise to them , they know
nothing about it.
Lisa and I need to sit down and pay bills & get alarm &
remote start for van , we will probably look into that
tomorrow as well, then i need to discuss with her about
getting a diamond for her. I really want to get her one,
and soon, I have never felt the way I do about her with
anyone else ever, and i want to show her I will never leave
I want us to get married over summer & I am trying to
figure out a way that we can do that & not go broke too.
I know, I worry way too much about money , but what am i
to do ??
Anyway , that is about it for now i guess...Ill write more