Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2002-01-08 21:23:21 (UTC)


Hey everyone! Finals have begun! Today I had my OTT final,
which was super easy if I might say so myself, cept I
messed some stuff up on accident. Oh well, no big deal I
have like a 97 in there so if I dont get a perfect final it
won't kill me. Tomorrow's a big day tho. I have algebra,
then english, then spanish. But Laura said that the spanish
one is really really easy, and I'm not worried about math
too much either, but english, yah, gotta worry bout that
ALOT! Then on Thursday, I have biology, which if I study, I
will do fine, and PE, which is a definate no-brainer.
I have found myself completely wrapped up in thoughts of
Zack lately. I really hope that after his band this is
over, that we can get back together. I just haven't been
able to stop thinking about him. Now I'm listening to one
of the songs that he sang to me. "I will not forget you" By
Waterdeep and 100 Portraits. I wrote a poem about him this
morning in English. I just had so many thoughts goign
around in my head and heart, I had ideas for like 5
different poems, but I only got a chance to write one down.
I will write it down in here in a few seconds, but right
now all I know is that I like him so much that it isn't
even fair, I just don't understand why I can't get over him
like I do all the other guys. It's been like at least three
weeks since we've been going out, and I still can't stop
thinking about him. I don't like it. Well I mean I do, but
ya, you know!

Okay~ here's the poem~~~~
I was so scared of losing you that I didn't realize I was
pushing you away
Now I can just hope and pray that we can be back together
And what is it about you that I miss so much
The way I see the sunrise every time I look into your eyes
Or the way you make all of my problems go away
All I can think of when I'm with you is that moment in that
very day
You hold me so close and make my life complete
Then I started to feel like I had to compete
I want to be close to you more now than ever
So we can be together for now and forever
Everytime I look at you I see my future
But now I have no way to know if things can be sure
You've moved on and found someone new
I'm still caught up in all the moments I was with you
We were cpm[letely carefree when you were with me
Laying in your arms helped me feel no alarm
Now I just hope and pray
That we can be back together someday....

Ya I know that's prolly really dumb, cuz it like doesn't
even rhyme, but who gives a shit?! lol It's how I feel, and
thats all thats real!! haha I'm a poet and I didn't even
know it! haha Okay, I will shutup now, just reading that
makes me think about him even more and get all giddy
thinkin about him!

Love ya'll and Godbless!!