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2002-01-08 21:06:01 (UTC)

Im stil alive


Im stil alive, but things are not great.
I`ve recover from Friday/Satturday, lucy me never got sick
of drinking so much, spokey. Even Ed got sick, I was the
most drunk person (I think) and I`ve been feeling fine all
the time:-p

Since Sunday I`ve been a bit depressed, S* didnt call
me, why?
I dunno what to do, feel or think. Im going crazy.
I cat focus at school, thats bad I want to keep my good
grades. I know he'll "come back" call, be at the chat or
what ever, but I cant help my self from wondering whats
going on in side his head.

And Chris....
Well, I talked to him a few days ago at the chat (a
diffrent chat room af course/ a nother chanel) he got the
message I left at his answering machine, hihi. But I diddt
say anythig stupid, thank god!

And yes, when I was drunk me and Dante kissed. I was drunk,
thats my "exuse" he was silver, what does that say about
him? I guess a lot....

At home everything is fine, better than ever before I
think. But Im not happy about it. Im just waiting for a new
bad thing to happed. Cant enjoy things as they are cause I
know that wont last this way.

But I have one good news for you, and its a bless: Samuel
is better agen!!!
I dont know what I would do if I ever lose him, I love him
more than my own life and would happely give him blod, a
kidney, lung`s , my hart or what ever he must need to be
alive, breath and be with me.


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