Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2002-01-08 20:56:25 (UTC)

Happy Day???

Ok, I think I am finally beginning to get back into
the grove of things! Thank god that I have this computer
it has really changed my daily habbits!......I made it
throught the day yeasterday without breaking my diet! So
today I plan to do the same thing! I am kinda getting
exitied about this art class.....I think it will be really
fun! I am going to get to do the thing I love most for 2
hours every Tues and Thurs. Ok, no I didn't work out
yeasterday but maybe I will today. I know that once I
start working out I will get hooked on it. It can't be
that bad, I just don't know what I want to do yet. I
really want to go to the I'll see how that
goes. Anyway Clark just stopped by to get give me Scotts
dvd....I forgot to mention that Gregg's son Scott is
staying at our house while my mom and he are gone on their
business trip to Florida. I wish Greg had hot
sons......bummer.....that would be cool. It's too bad that
William isn't one of Greg's children. Damn, that would
make for a hot couple of days.....and nights! But, anyway
he had been paying attention to me which is cool. He has
a basketball game today so I'll hopefully see him
tomarrow. I chickened out of talking to Mrs. Latimer
today. I really need to but I just didn't have the energy
to argue with a teacher about that shit today.