stella's steamy paperback novel
2002-01-08 20:35:01 (UTC)

last one for tonite

well seeing as i probably will not get on later, i'll will
say my last so longs for today.

and a what do they call them? shout outs? yeah. one of
those to shewy cause he's coming back in like.... two
hours! yeah... the popcorn kids (or something) say hi! (no
i didn't go to pwc today... i have things to do... i am
not a lameass...)

another one of those shout out things to rosie for being a
lameass with me. thank you for being there when it always
matters.... like when we don't want to go to school. aww,
you are the bestest friend a girl could have! (encouraging
my dislike for intellectual nurturing of the school

yeah well s'it for now all. have a pleasant evening, a
fulfilling supper-like thing, and sweet dreams.


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