It smells like poop over here
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2002-01-08 20:27:27 (UTC)

i don't wanna die...

i don't wanna kill! thanks to anti-flag, for that little
inspirational number called "911 for peace". i cant
remember what i said last time, but i don't think i wrote
anything on monday. nothing special anyway, i went to work,
bought giulia a birthday present (on friday). i got her one
of those CD cases that goes on your visor (that's what she
said she wanted!), so that's what i got her. i was really
tired, so i just statyed home and watched raw, sure enough
HHH came back. he looks bigger, and scarier. he's so
badass, "the cerebrail assassin" i don't even know what
that means, but it makes him sound really cool. better
than, "the game" whatever that means.
i started school again today, eww. i had to get up all
early n stuff, it sucked. but my classes seem ok, math will
be a bitch, but ill deal. "any student who spend at least 6
hours a week on homework should not expect a grade of C or
higher." yeah right, heard that before. but maybe that's
why im in algebra I...again...for the...3rd year. damn. i
got english with the same teacher, beesley, he's really
cool. there's a lot of cute girls in my class too, and a
lot of chátches. i have film history and criticism too, it
was boring for today, boring teacher and a lot of notes. so
much for me thinking it was a blow off class.
im just gonna chill out at home for now, im goin to the
punk rock show a little later with laura. me and dave got
free tix a while back, but he's not here so he gave his
ticket to her. actually, i think i wanna make a run up to
harmony house and get an anti-flag CD with my gift
certificate. but that means i'd have to put on my coat, get
in my car, drive all the way there, that's like a mile,
find the CD, buy it, drive back, open it...too much
trouble. ill just stay here. later peoples.


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