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2002-01-08 20:06:18 (UTC)

Into the wonderful world of online fun

And so starts my online diary. It kind of defeats the
perpose of a diary doesn't it? It being having an online
diary where everyone can read your entries. Thats why i
have promised myself not to reveal anything personal, or
say anything to anyone that should be said in person.

has anyone seen jimmy neutron? well i was thinking today
about how if aliens stole my parents i would definatly not
only not stop them, i would assist them in doing it.
perhaps hold open the door to the mothership while they
escort the parents in and such. whatever they would want
me, friendsly neighbourhood alien assistant Stella, to do
that might make stealing Earth parents easier for them.
can you imagine the possibilities, friends? the question
would not be what would we do, but what wouldn't we do?

i'll just let you wonder.... while i drool at the thoughts
of finally being free!!!!!!

"i want the sky to fall in
i want lightening and thunder
i want blood instead of rain
i want the world to make me wonder
want to walk on water
take a trip to the moon
give me all this and give me it soon"
-Robert Smith

bye friends