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2002-01-08 20:04:14 (UTC)

Dreaming of Mark

I had a dream on the night of 12/31/01 that my brother
hadn't really died. They came to me and said that it had
all been a mistake, that he was fine and they had
identified the wrong body. The surprise was much like that
of the day I learned he had died - full of disbelief and
shock that he really wasn't gone forever.

I had a dream on the night of 1/7/02. A house was burning.
They put it out. Only one side had burned, but to my
sorrow, I saw that my brother's MG had also been burned. I
felt a sense of loss.

I put $15,000 of the insurance money in the Estate account
today. It shouldn't be this way. I shouldn't be carrying
a stack of files labeled with my brother's name.


I had a dream the night of 1/27/02. I was loading shell cartridges
into a pistol. After that I would shoot them into the air. When I
woke up I wondered why I had such a dream. Then I remembered seeing
the .38 and .22 ammunition at Mark's house on my last visit.

I had a dream on the night of 2/18/02. I was driving a skinny
version of my brother around his hometown. He was pointing out the
building where he used to work.