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2002-01-08 19:14:31 (UTC)

January 8, 2002

You know watching television really bores me sometimes but
then you get a kick in the ass by some programming. The
other night I was watching Law and order and it hurt to
watch. The show was on abortion and them killing doctors who
perform them. It was distributing not because of the act and
the topic but the way the use God words to justify there
logic and reasoning. I am sorry I have read the bible and
killing is killing we as humans should not kill and call it
God's work because I am assuming the punishment is the same?
I could be worng nothing I say is ture for all but they are
my own thoughts, if GOd created us to think and use our
minds there must be other ways to defend issues that we
strongly believe in. I am very against drinking and driving
but you don't see me out there on the sides of highways
shoting drunks behind the wheel shoting them as they drive

I just thought I share that with you all

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