Allison's Journal
2002-01-08 18:52:42 (UTC)


Ah, the start of yet another journal. But this one's going
to last. It definitely will last! Anyway today was finals
day and that went pretty well. I can't argue with getting
out before noon and only having 2 classes. Right now I'm
listening to Sunny Day Realstate: The Rising Tide. Um, I
wrote Christine, my pal who's in Germany right now, an E-
mail. Okay, so I'm not very good at this journaling
thing. I'll get better. My other pal, Katie, and I have
what I like to think of quite the extensive plan for this
summer. We call it "We Be Grunge." Oh yeah! It's going
to have mulitple phases. That's how great it is. I guess
this just goes to show that there's nothing to do in this