I am a goddess
2002-01-08 18:30:26 (UTC)

Not very well

Had to sign out from school today cos i was feeling like
crap. Had all fluey symptoms and felt like i was gonna die.
So i came home about 11:30 and slept. Shoes i must be ill
cos i can never sleep during the day EVER!!! except when i
am sick.
Bad day today on the food front, had 919 calories. Still
isn't that horrendous at least i stayed under 1000 cals.
Oooh i lost a pound since yesterday so that is cool. Means
i've lost 3 pounds so far this week and its only Tuesday.
Yay yay yay.

I'm going to fast for a day once i get better. I'm going to
drink nothing but water, but i don't wanna do it until i am
well again. And it will only be a one day fast.

I need to detox. To make me feel better.
That'll be in about 2 days.

well cya later folks bubye