between love and hate

there is a thin line
2001-04-12 13:43:39 (UTC)


well i dont know what the hell is going on!
the mortgage company just called again,different
man saying tottaly different then the first one,
said they dont do deals you make the payment or
you get out,and he said the other man didnt say
what i told him he did ,(because they cant and
dont make other arrangments!maybe i should call
the other man? these accidents have screwed up my
life pissed.i have worked hard to get this
house,i just want to throw up my hands and stop
and say i give up!uuuuggggggwhat the hell do i
do iam really going to be pissed if i loose my
house.the man that i first talked to treatted me
with respect telling me its ok we all have bad
things happen and we will help you ,we dont want
you to loose the house we will work with you!!!
this man called and he ats all smart ass about it
and said we dont do any of the things mike had
told pissed i think ill call mike back!!
ill tell the story tonight about me comming to
live in texas as soon as i get through with the
affair,divorce,then meeting my husband,and then
how he and i met,and how i came here......and so
forth...........thanks for being here to those who
read and send responses......i really appreciate
you all it makes me feel as though you care about
me...especially when iam down and today is another
down you guys!!!!