fucked up
2002-01-08 16:54:23 (UTC)


I completely understand your comment about 90 persent of
the human race is so stupid that they would forgett to
breath if there body didn't do it automaticly. Sometimes i
think it is more. Here is my majore problem. I think that
i know someone and that they prove me wrong about everyone
being stupid. Then they turn around and do something that
proves my point even more. I understand that all people do
stupid things at one point or another. Honestly i do. I
do it too. The problem is that some people push the "one
point or another" to the extreme. Then still others seem
to only use an insignificant piece(at the most) of there
brian once in a while. I don't know what to think.
Sometimes i think that its just were i live. then i go to
a different place and see the same bull shit. It makes me
want to send out a virus to kill all humans just so that
the rest of the world doesn't have to suffer with our
stupidity. I may be being hard on humans as a race, but
this is just my opinion.
As for the whole romanticsm thing. I have no idea where
i stand. I do want to have the other part of my soul with
me. i would love to feel whole and just plain content with
everything. But i do not think i would enjoy that at this
point in my life. I am 17. I know that the may seem young
but with the bull shit that i call my history of life, i
seem much older to most people. I do not know when i would
like to find my soulmate. I honestly think that if i found
him/her right now i would end up fucking it up and telling
them to come back in a couple of years. Perhaps i alread
have. Does that seem hypocritical??(damn i need to learn
how to spell)I don't know if it is or not. Honestly i do
not care. that is how i feel at this point of my life.