Jo's World
2002-01-08 15:45:01 (UTC)

Will This Be My Last?

Definitely won't be my last entry. But will this be my last
day on earth? I know it's kinda morbid to keep thinking
about death. I had this strange feeling overcoming me
during class today. I couldn't help but think, am I going
to die?

It's like a flash of memory, or like Pheobe's premonition,
only without the flash. An imprint in my mind. A familiar
sort of feeling, like I belong there, in a house by the
country side. Only I've never been there, seen it. I
remembered seeing lush green grass, wild tiny flowers. It
lasted for a few seconds.

I don't know if that's supposed to be normal since it's the
first time it happened to me. It didn't fill me with fear,
but it sure left me bewildered. That's all for tonight.