at the heart of it all
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2002-01-08 13:03:36 (UTC)


ive just done something i never thought id do, that i was
adamant to avoid, and that is to create an online diary. it
seems to self absorbed, as if anyone would want to read
about my shitty life. well i suppose people need something
to do when they're bored.

i have a site, i liked it but like with anything i create i
always end up hating it in the end and i feel the time is
coming close for .... its only a few months old
aswell... i guess ill stick with it until i really hate it
and then delete the fucker from existence and try and sell
the unpronouncable domain name.

my head is very blurry right now. again. i cant focus on a
single thought. im suprised i sat through the whole of true
romance earlier that i recorded, although it didn't suprise
me that the film didnt make me cry.

its so grey and fuzzy in my head and im feeling slightly
sick gain, which isnt nice. i still havent gotten used to
going to college and only having 4 hours of sleep a night, like it
has been.

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