If I Told U, Would U Hate Me
2002-01-08 11:51:03 (UTC)

My Actual First Day Of School

Well today is my actual first day and so far everything is
going great...Megan will be here at 7 to pick me up...i
hope she doesnt forget anyways though news about my ex he
changed all his screen names and so you can guess how that doesnt bother me because i came out here to start
a new life and so therefore i cant very well be stuck in
the past right...oh well being single is fun and im lovin
it...just need to find more guys to flirt with ya
the ones i already do you know i got much love but still i
need to do own thang as well....anyways well this entry is
short schools awaiting ya feel me so ill talk to u all later
im out

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