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2002-01-08 10:49:50 (UTC)

Annoyed at 2:27AM

Tuesday, January 08 2002. 2:28AM.

Playlist: Bette Midler - The Rose
Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper
Butthole Surfers - Pepper

I hate my roommates at this very minute and for these past
two and a half hours. I've been kept awake by both of them.
I went to bed at midnight. For another half an hour past
midnight, Mike K. was on his computer typing something or
chatting. Just until a minute ago, Mike T. was on his
computer playing Counterstrike and looking up websites.

The incessant klacking of the computers could not be
drowned out by my headphones. Placing the covers over my
head didn't stop the lights of his screen from flashing.
So currently I'm awake, when I desire to be asleep, and the
only reason that I'm typing this is to illustrate to my
roommates just how fucking annoying it is to have this
noise in your ears when you're trying to sleep.

We had conflicts over my sleep apnia and snoring before, at
which time they both agreed to go to bed earlier. Neither
of them has begun to do so. In short, I'm tired and pissed
off that those two idiots can't keep their respective

* * *

I had dinner with Jack from back home today. He and I went
to Palermo and then to the Los Angeles Leather Coalition
meeting because his group (Beach Cities Bears) is hosting
the Mr. Leather Bear contest for Piston's in Long Beach.

There were many attractive coalition board members, many
interesting fetishes represented. The topics of the meeting
I felt were all valid, and the meeting moved quickly. The
people seemed friendly enough.

* * *

I think I've decided that Derrick is the one to stick with
for at least a little while. After discovering this, I made
a date to go to the Getty on Sunday, so I don't know how
true my thought process checks out.

Then again, Derrick has never assigned me a real title (ex:
boyfriend, guy i'm dating/seeing), nor have we discussed
the state of our exclusivity. From his actions and words,
however, I have deduced that he would like to be exclusive.

And moreover, Derrick has yet to express any real sentiment
for me.

Assim a gente vai vou ver, pelo menos...

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