2002-01-08 10:31:17 (UTC)

Getting Things Done

I spent the day at home yesterday, except for a quick trip
to the local grocery store and the post office. I was able
to get quite a bit of housework done. The brownies for the
boys were finished at 9 a.m. and the washer, dryer and
dishwasher were all whirling away, doing what they do best.

Now it's the middle of the night and my back hurts. That'll
show me. I think it was lifting wet towels from the front
loading washer to the front loading dryer. Okay, front
loaders may be more energy efficient but they're not very
good for those of us with old backs!

The boys have networked their computers so now they can both
use the Internet at the same time. The good news is that
they're off my desk. The bad news is that I can't use the
Internet. The plan is to network all four computers
together. The next one to be networked will be mine.
John's will be hardest to network as his is out in the shop.

Owen called last night and said that he'd moved to a
different room (same floor, same dorm). He also has a
different phone number I'll have to get that info to his
grandparents. I've also emailed both Jack and Owen to
remind them to find birthday cards to mail to their
Grandmother (my Mom). She'll be 80 on January 17th.