The Rainy Day
2002-01-08 09:50:12 (UTC)

who would have thought

who would have thought that i would have dropped out of
school. who would have thought that i can't keep you out
of my head. everything that i think about has some part of
you in it. the only time that i feel happy is when i hold
you. Oh i can't believe that i have dropped out of school
to join the navy. ugh. who would have thought that i
would ever join the armed forces... not me. i thought i
will be damned before i join the armed forces. well i
guess i'm damned. i can't imagin not seeing you for at
least once a week. the thought of me not seeing you is
terrifying. it saddens me so. i have dropped out of
school. i feel my heart is not it in and there is no
reason for me to waste my money on something that does not
interest me or satisfies my desires. you however do
satisfy my desires and i will be depressed that i will not
see you. i will call you as often as i can. just to hear
your voice makes me nervous. but that is life and i will
become a better person. apparently i am actually smart and
i scored a 99 on the pre ASVAB. so i think that i am going
into a nuclear field in the navy. I hope that i don't
dissapoint myself. well i guess that is about all. i will
hopefully see you saturday.