Puzzling out my life
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2002-01-08 09:45:51 (UTC)

not much new

As the title implies not much new is going on right now.
Except that Dwayne asked me out on a date. I knew something
like this would be coming ever since Sue told me last
season at Northerne that he has had a crush on me since
last year. I was still a little shocked that he would come
out and tell me this, especially at a guild meeting where
I'm sure he knows there is a lot of drama going on. I had
to tell him no though, because there are a lot of reasons
to do so. For one, I just broke things off completely with
Scott, after three months of skirting the issue. Second, I
just had sex with Erin's ex. Third, Dwayne is 30, and that
is a lot older than 19. Not that I should talk since Scott
is 28. Oh well. Fourth, Dwayne is a good friend, but I
doubt I could ever look at him that way. Plus, I'm too good
of friends with his ex-fiance, Danae, to want to go in that
direction. Ergh. Why can't things ever be simple. I'd like
to just once meet a guy who is closer to my age than 30,
hasn't ever dated one of my friends, and whom I don't sleep
with on the first date. I'd like to at least get through a
few dates of dinner and a movie first. Maybe even be
exlusive for a few weeks before I think about sex.
On top of all this, I have to come up with a grand before
the end of the month or else I'll be evicted. And school
starts next week. I don't know where I'm going to get the
money for books. I haven't even paid my registration fees
yet. I a;so didn't get a parking pass, since I live across
the street, but if I have to move home, that means I'll
have to start driving to school again.
Frank has been avoiding me, I can tell. He hasn't called me
in three days, which can be explained since my phones been
unpredictable, but he knows where I live, and he also knows
that I'm at Aromas every night. He used to be there
frequently as well, but he hasn't shown up since I slept
with him. I shouldn't mind, since I don't want a
relationship, but it still hurts that he doesn;t want to
talk to me. It makes it seem like he was just using me,
which doesn't make sense, since we have been friends for a
few years, other that the year we didn't see much of each
other after he and Erin broke up. I'm obsessing again
though. I could always get his number from Erin....but I
think that may be pushing it.