Nate S.

Self Starter
2002-01-08 09:05:05 (UTC)

Here we are now, Entertainers

A low rumble of voices, popcorn chewing and fidgeting
children swell in the rafters of the theater. The spotlight
gladly strikes center stage. The satin red curtain slowly
rises teasing the audience; it reveals what it is guarding
ever so slightly. Our hero is dressed in a dashing pair of
boxer-breifs and a shirt. His body drapes over the side of
his bed almost lifeless, except for the fluctuation of his
chest. A gathering of spitle sparkles from the crook of his
mouth like a priceless diamond. Our hero is awakened
violently by the growling of his alarm clock. He strikes a
mighty blow silencing the beast instantly. He passes a
might wind and gives a manly scratch to his bullocks before
gracefuly...faling out of bed.
I awoke this moring about 11:30 after giving the
snooze button a good six or seven beatings. I showered and
practiced all forms of proper hygene. I then dressed myself
in jeans and...well...that was about it. No one was home
when i woke up so i struted around the house in my manly
attire of jeans and a bare chest. It was a bit cold so i
decided to start a fire (we do have a heater but the other
day i failed to get a fire going and this behemuth of a log
just wouldn't burn so i've been trying to ignite it for the
past couple of days). I lit friday's, saturday's and
sunday's newspapers on fire before the log started to burn.
I reheated some spaghettie, i had made sunday, for lunch. I
made this killer sauce. So i ate, I fed my tortoise, I
changed the cat litter (as per my moms request). I was
headed to my friend Ben's house. I had left my cell phone
in his car the other day and he didn't want to bring it to
me so i had to get it. I figured i'd stop by my ex's house
on the way and drop off the rest of the stuff i had. I've
been wanting my cd's back and i still have some darkroom
equipment i need.
I gathered her stuff: One Henry Rollin's book, One
hair brush (hair still intact), one orange scrunchie, three
hair rubber-band-thingies, four panty-liners and one bottle
of white grape fruit shampoo. I threw them into a plastic
bag and headed out the door. I arrived at her house a good
three minutes later. Her car was there but no one was home.
I went to Ben's house and got my phone, headed to a place
called Valentino's. It's a pretty cool store. Some vintage
clothing, punk rock clothing, band shirts, pretty sweet
shoes ( they carry some doc martins) lots of jewelry,
wristbands, all sorts of rings (rin rings, earings, body
jewelry) really sweet stuff. The lady that owns the place
is really cool and she has a very HOT daughter. I finally
had the chance to go to Valentino's and it was closed. The
sign said "be back at 4;" it was three twenty. I was a bit
upset but i hoped the freeway and went to drop off a video.
I finally finished all my errands and headed back to my
ex's house. Her roomate was home. Apparently Steph was out
of town, so i dropped her stuff off and went looking for my
cd's. I found three the rest were with her in her car. She
should be back tomorrow so i'll get the rest of my stuff
then. I said goodbye to her room-mate and went home.
I cleaned out the inside of my car. Threw away all the
trash and armor-alled the hell out of it. I then proceeded
to clean the windows and ended up coating them with armor-
all. Val called me. He locked his keys in his car and was
at the Rite Aid down the street from my house. I finished
my car and then picked Val up. I drove him a half hour
across town to get his spare key, then a half hour back to
his car. We got ice cream at the Rite Aid and i got a
degreaser for my windows. I had got a call from my co-
workers earlier. They were gonna take me to Red Lobster for
my birthday. I met Christy and Tiffany at Christy's house
about 7. We had a great dinner. I finished off about four
schools of shrimp (do shrimp swim in schools?). The
waitresses sang happy birthday to me and one of them was a
girl that i used to play with when i was about nine or ten.
I couldn't remember who she was at first. I hung out with
Christy and Tiff a bit longer before leaving to see if my
friend Leslie was available.
She was just getting off work when i got to Mimi's
Cafe. Unfortunately for me she was on her way to her
boyfriend's house. SUCK! I drove around a bit and the
called Jenny to get Bekkah's number. I had wanted to talk
to Bekkah. I wanted to have coffee with her but i was to
chicken to call. See, Bekkah is my good friend's ex
girlfriend. We've all been hanging out a lot and there
seems to be some chemestry between Bekkah and I. I hadn't
thought anything of it til Jason (Bekkah's old boyfriend
and my friend) mentioned it. He asked her when we were
gonna hook up(jokingly) but that put the idea in my head
and since then i've been slightly paranoid/thrilled that
she might be interested in me. Now it just seems a bit
akward though for me to hang out with her by myslef since
we've always gone out in a group But tonight i wanted
someone to talk to and the only person i have deep
meanigful conversations with was on her way to her
boyfriends house. I decided to almost call Bekkah! I drove
for about an hour debating wether or not to call before
finally going home. Like i said i was to chiken. I figured
someone might get the wrong idea and then things between
Jason and I and the rest of our friends might be weird.
Well I ended up at home on the computer and here, writing
in my diary for the first time in months.
The curtain falls, Applause, The End.

-Nathaniel S.