Dark past-TIME
2002-01-08 08:53:48 (UTC)

the first time for me..

i have just started dating i have only dated 3 guys my hole
life so far.
i dated the first guy for 2 weeks Deshawn,he was the first
guy that was interested in me and wanted to be my boyfriend
i new nothing about dating when it came to me i was
uugirlfriended very not that i didnt have crushes and all
it was just i liked and no guys liked me back.
it felt good that i was 19 and finally i found a guy well
he found me liked me and we dated he was my first kiss :-)
he wanted to have sex but i didnt let him have sex with me
we were just never together alone or long enouph at all
ever i love him i still to this day its not that we broke
up its that i came back home and he was still in LA then i
moved farther away we wrote to eachother but that wasnt
cool so we both just stoped and i think he found someone
then about umm...6 months later i met my X and we dated
for 3 months i lost my verginity to him (on the first date)
am i a hoe? i dont thinks so i think it happined cus we
both let it and i really wanted to know what it really was
to have sex cus of build up.
we had alot of problems after i fell in love with him or
was it love i dont know? i had fun with him tell the end
tell i decided i didnt want him anymore,found out that the
intire time i was with him he was marryed his wife new
about me i was just sex to him tho he told me diffrent i
didnt want to let go of him for alot of resions so i stayed
with him for a while thinking i still wanted to be with him
thinking it would all work out thinking i would be happy
with him tho he was marryed stupid right?
well finally i met the right guy my dream guy the one i
have dreamed of all my life. while i was still with my X
and for a while i dated my boyfriend now and my X tho my
boyfriend dont know that that would break us up if i told
him i think? should i tell him? he would never find out
about it.
My boyfriend and i have been together for 8 months were
very much in love he is my everything hes the first guy my
mom has known about truthfully some of my family knows
about him i up and moved in with him and his mom for now
but with him for him and i last month and now i am 12 hours
away from my mom my family and all i have ever known
sometimes thats a great thing sometimes not.
Were going to have a baby in june 2002 now i am pregnant
got pregnant the 3rrd month we were together. i have alot
of worrys alot of stress about it all tho i know things
will be fine i dont feel it.
well thats all for now if you want to know anything else
just ask me i dont mind i am a open book you can read time
and time agian.

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