poisoned darkness
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2002-01-08 07:54:28 (UTC)

cities, lights and the country

i saw hillbilly. *BIG GRIN* it was good to see him. he
had a semi ok exscuse for the crap the other night. but we
made up for that. we drove out to the 1/2 way point from
his door to his family property in port hope. and did
nothing but talk, argue and be us. i drove, like usual.
he profusly apologized for the other night. i didn't yell
at him. the thing is i know he's not making exscuses. he
does retarded shit. losing his phone is something he'd
do. it was beautiful out tonight. no lights, nothing,
just me, hillbilly and my car. next time, were going to
the tip of the thumb.

the good news:
so i love hillbilly, but its not the 'i want to date you'
kind of love, its the love/hate kind thats really fun, for
friendship at least. i know i'll never date him, but i'll
kill the next girl that hurts him.

and he got his damn hand cuffs, after he searched my car
for the key. i can live with two sets. and he can have
one and i'm out five bucks, but its five on cuffs, or five
on a movie.

the cuffs last longer.

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