Opaque Darkness

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2002-01-08 07:48:32 (UTC)

The Beginning of All Things to End.

Hello and welcome to my little piece of mind. You will
have to excuse me if there are a lot of typos I am normally
a very good typer but I will usually put new entries in
after I get off work around 1 or so.

Here is a little bit about myself. I am a 19 year-old
male living in Florida. I hate it here. I work for
BlockBuster Video, or as we call it...El Sataan. It's a
pretty good job. Everyone I work with is really cool, but
the work is annoying, probably because I don't get along
with people a lot.

I am a semi-athletic person. I used to play a lot of
sports, but I quit because everyone I played with was total
assholes and way to serious. I have played basketball,
hockey, football, I ran track for a few years and I was
really good at all of them, but like I said the people were
assholes so I quit.

When I was younger I got into a lot of trouble. Some
of it with my friends, but most of the time it involved me
getting arrested by myself. I have smoked weed and done a
little coke, but I have quit all of that because of the
people that loved me the most begged me. I was an alcoholic
and am now fully recovered. I harldy ever drink anymore,
and even when I do I stop myself after a few beers.

Most people when you ask them if the would change
anything about their lives is they could would say "Yes,
I'd change this or that...", but me personally I would
never change anything about myself. I think I am a better
person for having done all of these things, and am glad I
did them.

Well that's enough for now, I will tell you more about
my life as I get more time to.

Goodbye, peace, props, adn all that Jazz.
Opaque Darkness

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