everything sux
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2002-01-08 07:33:46 (UTC)

1.7.02 shitty

today- went to joe's crab shack, to hang with danny, and
get high. he is still on damn probation, so, he couldnt get
high. we went to Trux, and he got drunk instead. I left
early, so i could go to tommy's , and see about moving
outta my house, and gettin a place with him. danny came
over later on tonite, and he shows up, piss drunk. it was
sorta strange, cuz, he kinda made an ass of himself. i dont
know.... he kept apologizing all day, about him being
drunk, and he needed to stop drinking, and all this stuff.
eventually, jon came over, and we got to smoke a bit of
hash, too. tommy and kasie were bitchin at eachother. (what
else is new?) so, i went for a chato cruise, and then i
went home. ive been at home all damn day, pretty much, and
its startin to suck here. i just came back in from getting
high in the back yard. im pretty buzzed. i keep makin typos
and having to go back and redo words and shit. oh well. its
about time for me to go to bed, i think. i have to go to
turners and see if i got a job over there or not. i hope i
did, really. i need a damn job so bad. ahh. whatever. its
all fuct. tomorrow.


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