The Cellar of Twilight Words
2001-04-12 05:48:10 (UTC)

What's in a name? Quite a lot, actually ;)

Blind Fox's Name Analysis
You are an enigma to others and perhaps even to yourself.
Your mind is like an arrow that can shoot deep into it's
subject, analyzing and storing vast volumes of knowledge.
Your introspective and intuitive mind then uses this
knowledge to decipher your world's complexity of mysteries.
You are a philosopher and humanity is waiting for your
words of wisdom. Spirituality, phenomena and the occult are
areas that may interest you, as are religion, science and

You use life changes like rungs on a ladder. Growth,
variety, beginnings and endings are constant elements in
your life. You are able to let go of anything or anyone in
order to further your growth. Because of this ability,
coupled with a talent for translating new ideas into
logical, useful explanations, you would make a great
teacher and/or writer. Travel is something you are made
for, even if only through your mind. You adapt easily,
have an adventurous spirit and a marked taste for escaping
daily routines. You love voyages. Your intelligence is
flexible and you are naturally curious. However, be careful
of excess! High intellectual capacities and a strong desire
for research and investigation. An excellent student, you
are attracted to spiritual considerations in all its forms,
and have a rich inner life and a high degree of
independence. You are a psychologist at heart and act
according to your intuition, but you fall rather easily
into states of melancholy, pessimism and soul-searching. In
any case, you are alone even when you are with someone. You
have an agile, vivacious intelligence and great spirit of
initiative - your are always looking for novelty. You know
how to transmit your enthusiasm but not always how to share
it! You are very often a good listener and ambitious in
your projects but you don't like to be envolved in groups
for the most part. Your powerful creative spirit can't
stand outside breaks or added frustrations in your
evolution...You prefer being independent or having a post
with a freedom of action because you don't like being
underestimated. Contact with the natural elements is very
important. An obsession for sentimental security dominates
in your search for all that is concrete. Sometimes
illness, fear of illness, or physical injury can
predominate the thoughts, and even manifest, however, your
body is infused with strength and vitality and thoughts of
any kind are more powerful for you.
You're very emotional and shy, but ever willing to help and
serve. You sometimes see the world as surreal, or
unfriendly. Psychic or empathic abilities are probably very
strong, and modes of self-protection were formed at
childhood that could last the whole life through.
You know how to make more than one person lose their head!
Refined, funny and gifted in seduction. You have a
philosophy in life that is all your own. Intuitive and
lucid in all situations, you become reserved when
conversing and are silent most of the time, preferring to
let your thoughts make their way in silence rather than
through chatter. However, if the subject is abstract, you
don't hesitate expressing yourself while your audience
looks up to you in admiration, seduced by your knowledge. A
cold blooded animal, you love intrigue and playfulness in
life, but preserve large periods of time for idleness. You
love money but only for the pleasure that it allows you to
enjoy. This is all the more true since you appreciate a
universe with a minimum of comfort. You will gladly spend a
lot of money on an art object or trip to a warm climate
rather than buy a washing machine or car. You have a
tendency to spend all of your money very easily. You are
lucky to be calculating, good in business, at choosing
collaborators and making relationships with people who are
capable of helping you enrich yourself with the least
amount of effort.!
In love, once your pray has been hypnotized, you are
sensual, passionate and very possessive. A dominator in
your soul, you overtly demand that your partner satisfy all
of your desires. While you are jealous, you are not very
steadfast nor faithful. You like to seduce any pray that
passes your way if only to reassure you in your capacity
for seduction. Your favorite arm: talking about Prometheus
or Freud to enchant your future conquest with an
undercurrent of erotic suggestions. To attract you, your
pray must be intelligent, licentious, admiring and

A Verra true description of my nature. :)