Tamra's life
2001-04-12 05:04:40 (UTC)


Hey people...ITS SPRING BREAK!!!
Yesterday, Adam took me to Disneyland for our
anniversery:)It ment soooo much to me that he would do
that. Joe said he would only take me to disneyland if he
got to go on acid 'cause his stupid friends told him it was
cool...stupid joe...anyway, Adam is the best and we had a
really good time. He even bought me this cute little
stuffed monkey from Adventure land where all the jungle
rides are!HeHe! I bought him a donald duck cup cause he
said he wanted on and because i felt guilty because he
spent soooooooooooooooo much money on me!(i.e.-buying my
ticket in, food, monkeys, etc)I just wanted him to feel as
special as he made me feel so thats why i bought him a
doland duck cup. I asked him want he wanted and thats what
he wanted so dont think im just cheap and only wanna buy
him cheap little cups.lol. He got to spend the night too!
My mom didnt want him driving home all the way to Fallbrook
from my house in carlsbad(they are about an hour away from
eachother) at 2 in the morning(when we got home) so he gots
to sleep on the couch. It was so nice seeing him first
thing in the morning. I cant wait to marry him and wake up
to his smiling face everyday...He had to go to work though
so it sucked a little. My face hurts cause of the sunburn
and im really tired...I dont even know why im writing in
this cause i dont really have anything to say besides how I
love Adam more and more each day. yea, well im gonna go to
bed..i sleepy(even though i took a three hour nap today:P)