A boring life of a corrupted girl
2001-04-12 03:54:35 (UTC)

Wednesday Night...eeeeee!

Gawd.I dont know what is wrong with me.I keep having these
wild mood swings.
Like one minute I'll be ready to punch out glass the next
I'll be laughing my ass off
and then into a bawl of self-pitty and social
hate.Grrrrr.On the other hand,I actually had fun
tonight.I met this cool bi chick that is not a total
phycho.Ahhhhh and going chick crazy.Well
at least for this one.Not the bi chick I met.I used to have
this HUGE crush on this chick named
Samantha and its weird.Anyway loooong story.But we hate
eachother now.Now theres this chick,that looks just like
Samantha,scary enough,that thinks I'm cute and I kinda like
her.OK,now that that's settled and I stop giggling about
it,I will move on.There are actually quite a few queer
people down at the square,where we hang out.Tomorrow is
Thursday,time for PRISM!That being out little pixie youth
group that we go to.There's suppose to be a new guy
comming.Hopefully he is fun.OOH OOH,AND there's a TORNADO
WATCH too!So mabee something kewl will happen and a tornado
will blow down my shit-hole of a school.Mwhahahaha!Pleasure.
I'm gonna be tired tomorrow.But I'll get over it.I'm gonna
come home in the afternoon to do my hair and then I'm gonna
go to my PRISM thingy and hopefully run into certian people.