Daily Ruminations
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2002-01-08 05:30:26 (UTC)

And life goes on...even without school...

So. Today was the first day back for Penn State....and I
don't go there anymore. I graduated. Weird is not strong
enough for how I feel. I so want to be sitting in a
classroom not worrying about how I am going to pay for my
latest impulsive new car! It's a brand
spankin' new Nissan Sentra SER. 165 kickin' horses under
the hood and that's just where it begins. I love it, but I
wish someone whould just send me $15,000 so I could pay it
off. Anyway, I worked all day and that sucked. Well, it
really wasn't that bad, but getting there was hell. We had
18 inches of snow where I'm at and snow sucks to drive in
(esp when they don't plow...and do you think it was plowed
this morning). I love to play in it, but forget the
driving part. A 15 minutes drive to work took me 45
minutes this morning. That's the one thing I would change
about this town...the winter weather. Well, I am out.
Ready to curl up in my bed with my hot chocolate. All I'm
missing now is my cat. ( or another person!)


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