lost in the dark
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2002-01-08 05:22:48 (UTC)

Meeting with Brother...

Hey Entry. Brother came over and talked for awhile. After
talking to Sister Saturday Night/ Sunday Morning. There
were things that I wanted to bring up and talk about. At
the moment I am going to let it slide and see what happens.
When I see that I will be able to actaully take him to the
side and tell/say what needs to be said I will do it then.
I just want to be sure that I will not be stepping on his
toes. Even though I know that he will listen to me and not
judge what I will have to say when the time comes to say
it. I think that our freindship will be able to handle it.
All in all talking to him tonight was a pleasure always is.
Tomorrow I am going to his mother place to wish her a Happy
Birthday. WooHoo. Going to have to get a card for her.

Opps that reminds me that I am going to have to give my
own mother a call to for her birthday. Man, I know too many
people with birthdays around this time. O-while nothing
like getting them all out of the way at once. LOL

Watching the sky for the stars that we are suppose to see
tonight. Night time is always the best time of day.

Lost in the dark...

Thoughts about the people I care for the most weigh heavy
tonight. And to thoughs that don't know it, there is a
person that does care for you out there. Might not show it,
but it is there.


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