Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2001-04-12 03:44:28 (UTC)

Auntie Me :)

I just got off of the phone with my brother, he's 25 and
lives out West. His girlfriend is having a baby, due in
June, so I'm going to be an Aunt!! I knew this, my sis told
me last week on the phone, she's 22 and lives in a city
about an hour away from me. Tonight was the first time he
and I talked in I don't know how long, Christmas maybe, so
it was good to hear from him. My cousin just left his place
this morning, stayed one day and took off with some of my
brother's things...really shitty. I'm pretty disturbed by
that, not that I expect much from my "reformed" criminal of
a cousin. He's only 19 and I've known him to be in more
trouble with the law than I wish to disclose.
Anyways, so yeah, it was nice talking to my brother. Our
family isn't all that close. Actually, he's my step-
brother, my sis is a step too, in fact there is another
sibling there...a younger sister, their half-sister who I
only knew from the time she was 2 till she turned 4. She'd
have just turned 14. She lives with her grandparents in a
city not far from me at all. I'm not going to go into much
detail, at least not tonight. I've got a French History
final in the morning to study for so I've got to be going
Didn't hear from C.G. today, even though he said he'd
call. I know I shouldn't care, we're supposed to be friends
and I don't always call my friends when I say I will so it
shouldn't be a big deal. But I did check my phone a few
times, hoping there would be a message from him. Oh well!
I'm not getting my hopes up on him now.
Thanks for reading,