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2002-01-08 05:21:06 (UTC)

Six weeks of loneliness

Oh god I miss him already. I got an email from him tonight.
He said he was going to carry the goodbye letter I wrote
him in his pocket for the whole six weeks. What a sweetie.
I wish I could have looked prettier in the morning for him
when he left.
I told him I loved him for the first time yesterday. I
think I do. He was giving me such a good back massage at
the time though. There is absolutely nothing better that I
can think of than his back massages, I just love them, it's
We went to a movie early in the day with some of his
friends. I didn't really feel comfortable around them, and
it made me miss people from home so bad. The only friends I
like of Josh's are Sal (so hot, nice too), Jack, and Scott.
I did not want Justin to come with us, but he did. We
didn't talk at all, although the whole time I just got this
really bad vibe from him that emanated towards me. I don't
get it you fuckup, I don't even know you, get a life. I'm
sorry you dont get to have sex with my boyfriend but he
makes his own choices.
Speaking of sex with my boyfriend. We had sex seven times
last night. Yes, that's right, seven. That's just
astronomical. He's a fuck machine. Also we started doing it
differently, so that he is further up in relation to me,
which makes it feel sooo much better. I think someday I
will climax just from sex with him. I hope.
He got a roommate, that sucks. He's really nice though, he
gave me his last cigarette the other day, and he told Josh
anytime he wanted, he'd vacate the room for us and sleep
somewhere else. I'll call him Alex.
I'm wearing Josh's shirt. I'm going to sleep in it almost
every night.
Come back baby...I miss you...