2002-01-08 05:00:40 (UTC)

"Why dont you go ahead and take your bow, cus who's guna love you now?"

Yeah really. I'm such a crazy bitch.
uugghh that skankity ho bag is on. im full full full to
the brim with hatred. and it'll be worse tomorrow.
school. ugh. its so EARLY.
i made lots of pictures of me tonight. i looked cute in
some of them. i dont usually think i look cute but i did
in these pictures. I really dont want to go to school and
see Matt. I cant wait for it to be over.
I cant wait to move out. so i can have my own place it
will be the happiest thing where i can decorate and smoke
and walk around naked and do whatever i want in my own
place ohhhh.
I really dont want to see matt. i really dont want any of
him in my life.
i talked to my mom a little today, mostly about my dad. i
feel really bad for him sometimes. it makes me feel really
bad inside.
i went to the dentist. they said im only guna have 2
wisdom teeth. thats good.
i hate diana and i hate matt and i hate everyone fucking up
my chance at a happy existance.
where is my perfect world. this shit sucks so much.