2002-01-08 04:09:33 (UTC)

emily dickinson

Poetry Gone Bore.

fuck you emily dickinson.
I am the master of meaninless poems.
I would put your panties in a bind
once you read my meaningless rhymes
and you would wonder, "does she do this all the time?"

fuck yea... I can start a dumb poem like this

tate is back
with the power of millions
but two raped four
and he asked for opinions
but why is it hung
w no shadow of doubt?
but why hath thou sprung w no seed
and no sprout?

how was that you bitch, did you see that one coming
what a blow to your mind
like a bloody mouth running?
let you toss in the purest of dirt and uproar
for I've mastered the art of poetry gone bore