Forgotten Misery
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2002-01-08 03:55:32 (UTC)


and it sets in for another looks like a long night again!
Im getting tired of these sleepless nights if I still cant
sleep in a few weeks im gona go to the doc and get some
sleeping pills to take at night. Yeah more meds let me
tell u how damn happy that makes me. Didnt start school
today and even dont have a schedule or even enrolled to a
olentangy yet ohwell. Not sure if im gona start by the end
of this week or the next might even start on the 23 when
they start there 2 semester blah blah I really dont have
much to say tonight Im kinda talked out cause I have missed
alot in the short time I have been away and I got
overwhelmed with things today it was crazy but hey I feel
really loved now cause peoples missed me today and sniffles
I almost went into tears talking to ashley V she is such a
good friend to me and cracks the hell out of me for a
certain reason lol between us hehee evil grin I know
something you dont know lol gotta love inside stuff I miss
that well ok im typing random stuff and im stoping myself
right here before i type in to much info lol dont ask


ps:saw no hotties day one of visiting my school lol went in
just to see what we needed to enroll and the bell like went
off it was interesting u can actually walk in the halls
surprised the hell out of me. but still no hotties blah

o and