Tales of Tails
2002-01-08 03:49:39 (UTC)

Why I Started this Journal

Ok, first of all, let it be known that I hate the
term "diary". It's girly, and last time I checked I was a
guy. That being said, let's get into why I started this
It must be said that the website formerly known as SUCKS ASS. Damned corporate takovers. They
delete my diary, and then want to charge me $20 to make a
new one. Bastards. Anyway, I decided to just stop
complaining and start over. Too bad, really, 'cause a lot
of good stuff went into that journal. Morbid, most of it,
but it wasn't terrible. For morbid poetry of course.
I know what you're thinking. "Oh God, not another
inhabitant of that barren teenage wasteland, all black-clad
and sullen." Actually, that's not me at all. Well, not
REALLY me. I do, on occasion, like to don my charcoal
attire and bash around rock concerts. But sullen? Hardly.
I'm living life to the fullest and enjoying the air I
breathe while it's still brethable.
A lot of my poetry is still rather depressing, despite my
overall optimistic outlook. Don't misconceive me, though: I
like to write social satire, and sometimes that sarcasm is
taken as morbidity (Yes, I made that word up. No, I don't
care). Of course, I also write blatantly existential
poetry, where I emphasize the fact that every road in life
ultimately leads to death, and death is the only true
constant. Of course, that's all bullshit, but it sells. I'm
not a sellout, per se: I write a lot of what I believe. But
I just happen to believe that in order for people to pay
attention, it's first necessary to tell them what they want
to hear. So I do. And in my experience it works.
So here's my humble sacrifice to this webpage, and to you,
the reader. God save your soul for reading this: If you
don't get excommunicated for reading it, I'll certainly get
excommunicated for some of the things I'll write.
Good tidings to all,