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2002-01-08 03:45:53 (UTC)

just plain odd

i swear im just plain odd
i acctually wanna go back to school
im odd
i think i'm seriously fallin hard for tommy
but neways
no wonder he writes such good songs
he know some really good lines
i mean he only says what he feels and it's really sweet
like this one he just said
i'd rather just stare into your eyes then talk...
and this one
it makes me wanna faint
but i fell for the weird meghan, so its all good..
haha i love it
this is great
he makes me feel really good about myself
he tells me all this stuff and im surprised that im not
concieted (sp?)
its all good though
hes helpin me feel better about myself
ok so im like goin bananas over tommy
he made me mess up bowling today
i kept thinking of him naked and. . .
for some reason it made me not able to concentrate
ok now again i cant concentrate
i gotta go

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