listen to my silences
2002-01-08 03:43:14 (UTC)

it all fell apart

i wish people would follow through on what they say they
are going to do once in awhile. it wouldn't even have to
be all the time. just once in awhile.

oh well. i'm used to it. i'll live.

still haven't talked to brodie. or mary. or jamie. or
kari. (hey that rhymed)

g and i talked just a little. we need to some more.

kells and i talked some about her and will. i'm hoping
that works out. but still, he better be careful. can't
wait till we hang out girlie, it's been too long.

talked to brian for a few, he's supposed to call back later
tonight. he and amy got back together, but he is probably
going to break up with her and there seems to be something
between him and mary...i dunno.

dre and i have been corresponding through email...haven't
really talked in awhile. we're going to at practice
thursday though.

well, i'm tired. nite all.

final thought: kept everything inside even though i tried
it all fell apart