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2002-01-08 03:41:28 (UTC)

still sick..

I'm still not feeling well although I made it to work
today. I have almost lost my voice and i have a fever, sore
throat, cough, and itchy ears. Going to the dr. tomorrow
a.m. to see if i have strep or an infection. I've been
grumpy all day.
Had a really neat call from a cousin while I was in CA. She
called i think the day after Christmas. This is a girl
cousin that I've always been close to. She had substance
abuse problems years ago and I was there to try and help
her then, but she's totally turned her life around and now
she has two little boys (ages 2 and 4) and she's really
happy and responsible. Anyway, they were scheduling a
graduation trip for her oldest girl and her and her husband
were going to go with and they got to thinking about a will
and she asked me if I'd be their guardian if anything were
to happen to them! I was terribly touched, and I of course
said yes. She has two brothers but wants them with me. She
said they like my morals and think i'm responsible and
mostly that the boys would be raised with lots of lovin'. I
hope the situation never arises but how blessed I felt that
she thought of me.
Then she called me back home and told me that her husband
thought the trip would be more fun for her and the daughter
with just the girls, so she called to extend the offer of
the trip to me! So we are scheduling a trip to Maine in
June to go see all the lighthouses.
This has always been a dream of mine to go to Maine in
particular for some reason. I've never been to the east
coast (except to Florida) which is considered the south (?)
When I got married we talked about going to Maine but never
made it, so I am just thrilled.
I am suppose to start a yoga class tomorrow after work, I
hope I'm feeling OK and can make it there. It's an 8 or 10
week class. I'm going with my cousin and Aunt. The Aunt is
in better shape than both of us I think!
Sunday I start a new session of Alpha, the group through
Church. I went to a training class yesterday to be a helper
on this course. It's really a very positive place to be.
I've invited a guy friend of mine and he's bringing a co-
worker too. The guy is just a friend but I think he'll get
a lot out of the class. I asked Terry to go, let him know
about it and how much I'd enjoy going together, but he said
he doesn't think he'll be able to make most of the classes
because they are on Sundays. I'm not sure if that's why or
he's just not interested. I don't want him to go if he
isn't interested, but I was a tad disappointed that he
wouldn't make the effort.
He still doesn't know when he'll be home. I miss him.
Took down the tree today, made me sad, the holidays are
officially over. I'm thinking of getting a fake, small tree
and having a perpetual tree. Decorate it for Valentines,
Easter, 4th of July, etc. I'll see if I find one that will
be cute and not clutter looking.
I have to go sweep all the pine needles on the floor and
get to bed.
Oh, the Hawaiian/Korean emailed me a few days ago and
apologized for breaking our first meeting. I told him I
forgave him. (But I probably wouldn't go out with him. Not
that he asked)