bits of my soul
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2002-01-08 03:34:32 (UTC)

other diaries

Well hello. I'm Sarah. I am writing in this diary because
my other one on is down. Today was back
to school. That's sucky. It was an ok day. Didn't do
anything special. I have decided to start saying a rosary
nightly. I dunno. With confirmation coming around and stuff
I just want to make it worth it.

Other than that all that happened today was that I found
out I'm working from 4-11 Thursday afternoon so that I can
have off Friday for a speech tournament. Seems like I'm
stuck doing my humerous again. Gosh I really hate doing it.
I dunno I just don't enjoy it anymore. I really also should
start working on my dramatic. My duo however is AWSOME.
Possibly because my partner for dup is awsome.

In other news. I didn't really get to talk to Jonahtan
today. He had finals to work on and that's fine. I dunno
I'm just starting to become attached. I get dissappointed
when he gets online and doesn't im me right away. I just
don't wanna get hurt again ya know. I know you do. GOSH I
speak way too soon...he imed me! I seriously wanna date
him. I wish I knew what he felt for me. I don't want to ask
though because that's totally admitting my feelings. Like I
am sure he know already cause when we went to the
movies "as friends" we ended up holding hands. He didn't
put up a fight etc. but he didn't put forth TOO much effort
against it. Oh well. I really want to date him. :)

Well I gtg I worked last night till 11 and I have to wake
up at 7. I'm gonna get off. ttyl