Shauna's Daily thoughts
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2002-01-08 03:21:14 (UTC)

so long so much pain

its been so long since i have written anything here it
sucks you know my life that is Im on the verge of being 18
and my life was gonig so well i moved in with my real mom
agian and i was sooo hsappy and then she went back to her
old ways the druggs the losing jobs and then she blew her
limit when she left me in inidna and moved to cali one
would say yeah right as if but welcome to my fucked up life
i now sit here back in foster care 5 months from being an
adult and 3 months after trying to killmyself for the 5
time in my life you never know how much youll miss someone
until you lose them my moms rights were takne away jan 3rd
2002 a day beofre my lilsister turned 12 happy birthday
starla! =( why cant i be one of the normal kids the one who
has everythnig no i cant thats to good for em i got stuck
with the life i tryed so hard to put behind me, and you
nkow what thoguh i wouldnt change it for the world because
i know it made me who i am woh i will always be and best of
all what ill groew to be, so yea it sucks and people get
hurt but dont let it stop you i was told "you only go down
so much before you pick back up" and trust im still gonig
down but waiting for my up

Shauna S
jan 7 2002