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2002-01-08 03:12:27 (UTC)


Dude!!!!!! I'm so happy. Okay I just got to talk with Trevor
I'd actually been hoping he'd call me...but eh. But so
anyway I am going to his birthday party. YAY!!!!!!!! I'm so
happy dappy! And tomorrow I'm seeing Dave....I dunno how
that's gonna end up. I believe things are destined to happen
so if me and Trevor are supposed to go out the oppurtunity
will arise and present itself. I also think I'll just let me
and Dave run it's course. He'll stop liking me after awhile.
Or finally wake up and see that I like his friend. I mean in
a way I would think have noticed that when I'm the most
interested in conversations is when we are talking about him
or sex. Anyway, I know my feelings won't go away. But I
know everything will work out the way it is suppossed in the
end. Love triumphs over all.

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