Life without a Script
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2002-01-08 03:02:08 (UTC)

A change of light

Well alol is well with work....I am proving myself to be a
valuable part of the Rogers agreeing to travel
to moncton to help another store get some people trained
and help take some of the work load off them.

As for Katrina I am leaning towards trying a relationship
but am still heisitant towards doing anything firm. See
can be somewhat imature at times...but then the voice of
lonlyness steps in and takes over. I wish these things
were easier to understand but I guess life has to have
someway to kick you in the pants from now and then.

As for Don I have decided to ask him to leave... I just
have yet to do so....I need my is nothing
personal but I thought it was only going to be a short
term thing but it seems he is going to stay for a while
and I will not survive the winter if he stays here.