Missed Snowday
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2002-01-08 02:54:29 (UTC)

Missed snowday

Today it snowed.
In TENNESSEE!!!!! That almost never happens.. the last big
snow we had was 4 years ago!
But you know what? The damn administrators said we had to
go to school anyways.
If you are reading this, I hope you are happy that you
plaed the lives of 1500 high schoolers in danger so you
could self-righteously maintain "good scholarly
Yeah, whatever.
We still had a snowball fight in the parking lot when you
said that we couldn't. So, fuck you. :)

This isn't that great of a first entry to those of you
reading, but yeah.. if it snowed where you were, you'd want
to get out of school also.

Have a nice day.


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