Happy Noodle Boy Rox!
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2002-01-08 02:54:27 (UTC)


just thought something
when the bible is incorrect or contradicts i criticize... i
decided to compare it to a math book and realized the bible
doesnt have to be perfect:inspired by God it was written by
humans who are far from that. Therefore the purpose of the
bible is not critical detail but to know things
understand... a general grasp of information
i may need to come back and see this later for ref.
i am punkgoddess
Afipunkgodess: have you ever heard the phrase think outside
of the box?
whiteshadowfox: yeah i have
whiteshadowfox: its a good phrase
whiteshadowfox: what sets ppl aprt
whiteshadowfox: apart*
Afipunkgodess: what if there is no box
Afipunkgodess: why not just eliminate it
whiteshadowfox: *laughs* jen the box is all the ppl that
are just normal and do what they are told and don't try to
be creative or think for their own
Afipunkgodess: i mean why does there have to be a box
whiteshadowfox: we are out side the box in a way
Afipunkgodess: is there really a box
Afipunkgodess: or is it only in our mind
Afipunkgodess: what if there is no box
whiteshadowfox: is in our mind
whiteshadowfox: its
Afipunkgodess: so what happens when we take out this box
Afipunkgodess: then what
whiteshadowfox: when we take out the box.....everyone
thinks on their own and everyone lives like they want to
live......*laughs* i dunno
Afipunkgodess: lol

whiteshadowfox: so what do u think of this box
Afipunkgodess: i think that it illustrates our conversation
Afipunkgodess: and is forcing me not to think inside of it
Afipunkgodess: but to write inside of it
Afipunkgodess: the real box are words
whiteshadowfox: yep yep
Afipunkgodess: they are what hinder me from speaking my
true mind but then again i think in words i think i mean
have you ever tried to do that... tell if you think in
words or not when youre concious of thinking then you dont
know what to do
whiteshadowfox: i don't think i think in words
Afipunkgodess: i dont know how i think
whiteshadowfox: i think i think in how words sound
Afipunkgodess: perhaps its my expressions i translate into
whiteshadowfox: i think as though i'm saying my thoughts or
someone else is
Afipunkgodess: yes im putting my thoughts into words
comprehendable to those who speak my language
Afipunkgodess: but it is never accurate because there arent
enough words
whiteshadowfox: or there aren't words yet
Afipunkgodess: and i can never make up ones perfectly
because there is no way to express some things
Afipunkgodess: i mean i could make up a word
whiteshadowfox: that aren't right for our thoughts
Afipunkgodess: but not explain meaning because meaning is
inexplicable then how do we think?
Afipunkgodess: words translate into more words
Afipunkgodess: which describe feelings
Afipunkgodess: that without words are indescribable
Afipunkgodess: but these feelings will never totally be exp.
whiteshadowfox: exactly
Afipunkgodess:THINK: To have or formulate in the mind.

To reason about or reflect on; ponder: Think how complex
language is. Think the matter through.
To decide by reasoning, reflection, or pondering: thinking
what to do.
To judge or regard; look upon: I think it only fair.
To believe; suppose: always thought he was right.

To expect; hope: They thought she'd arrive early.
To intend: They thought they'd take their time.
Afipunkgodess: To call to mind; remember: I can't think
what her name was.
To visualize; imagine: Think what a scene it will be at the
To devise or evolve; invent: thought up a plan to get rich
To bring into a given condition by mental preoccupation: He
thought himself into a panic over the impending
To concentrate one's thoughts on: “Think languor” (Diana

To exercise the power of reason, as by conceiving ideas,
drawing inferences, and using judgment.
To weigh or consider an idea: They are thinking about

To bring a thought to mind by imagination or invention: No
one before had thought of bifocal glasses.
To recall a thought or an image to mind: She thought of her
childhood when she saw the movie.
To believe; suppose: He thinks of himself as a wit. It's
later than you think.
To have care or consideration: Think first of the ones you
To dispose the mind in a given way: Do you think so
Afipunkgodess: you know that the bible was translated right?
Afipunkgodess: look how many definitions there are
Afipunkgodess: perhaps words have been translated into the
wrong thing
Afipunkgodess: according to the translators
Afipunkgodess: or perhaps we didnt have words
Afipunkgodess: so things were le
whiteshadowfox: yeah i know the bible was translated
Afipunkgodess: so our belifs written in words
Afipunkgodess: could be screwed up
Afipunkgodess: ha
or misinterpreted

whiteshadowfox: yeah i know the bible was translated
Afipunkgodess: so our belifs written in words
Afipunkgodess: could be screwed up
Afipunkgodess: ha
whiteshadowfox: yep
whiteshadowfox: in a way
whiteshadowfox: i think we have religion all wrong
Afipunkgodess: me too

Afipunkgodess: y do u think that
whiteshadowfox: because we are all divided
Afipunkgodess: but is that religion
Afipunkgodess: or people
whiteshadowfox: as in religion
whiteshadowfox: each religion looks down on the others as
though its not right
Afipunkgodess: or interpretation of words
Afipunkgodess: yes but i dont think that
whiteshadowfox: as though whatever relgion a person is is
the one and only right religion
Afipunkgodess: yes
Afipunkgodess: i dont think there is a one and only right
Afipunkgodess: i think relig is what u make it

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