Product of a Broken Home
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2002-01-08 02:36:35 (UTC)

return to a building of iminent darkness

school started again today, it was actually quite fun. i
slept for two hours the night before and didn't do my

but of course i got to see all m friends, and chris came to
school, mainly to give fione her christmas present, but
i'll leave that to him to say. it was genrally pretty good.

more meaningless flirting between the two of us, or at
least it felt like it, and pretty much the whole morning
aaron held me wrapped in his arms. he was probably just
really happy to see me again, but it almost seemed like he
was being a bit protective of me. which actually made me
feel really nice, and, i'm not sure how the hell to
describe it, but it was a good feeling of sorts.

on a slightly less up beat note, he forget to bring the
necklace from chris, and i'm a little bit worried, i do not
want it staying at his house any longer. its not safe, and
he had better bring it tomorrow, or i'm not sure what i'm
going to do, because he needs to get rid of it.

but yeah, nothing much happened today