lost in the dark
2002-01-08 02:32:58 (UTC)

Showers what a wonderful thing...

Hey Entry. Showers are a wonderful invention. I was going
to tell you what I was thinking before jumping into the
shower. I had this gloomy feeling before takeing the
shower. But after taking a nice hot steamy shower i feel
almost 100% refreshed. Thinking about the shower tonight, I
am reminded about what a friend told me once. And this may
apply to how I felt afterwards. LOL. I am not too sure how
I can relate this to just taking a shower, but here it
goes. She told me that if you have a hard time talking to
someone that you are Intimate with and feel comfortable
around. Strip down and sit there Nude with each other. This
will take away some of the tension between the two. Well,
what else is there to hide ?
I guess you can relate this to taking a shower. Standing
there nude, what else is there to hide other then you feels
that you are feeling at the moment. And taking a shower
well sorta washes away the bad feelings. *shrug* what ever


Lost in the Dark...