O_o HuH?
2002-01-08 01:57:47 (UTC)


I finally decided to get my own diary. Why?!...I'm a
fucking guy, why do I need a diary? I'll tell ya. Because
the woman I love has one and writes her passions and pains I decided I get my own, reply to them in a way
by writing my feelings, thoughts, etc. and eventually letting her
read them. Hard to explain at the moment, but I will later.

So I figure I should start by giving a brief, yet detailed
description about myself:

My name is William, just call me Will...that's fine with
me. No, I'm not giving my last name, you sick stalker
motherfuckers! I'm 18 and live in Southern California,
where I am a fulltime student in college. I still don't
have a car, because my dad is a prick and claims he won't
get one for me until he knows what I want (as if I haven't
told him a billion times). I'm aiming for a Honda
Civic...preferably a newer
one...vtec...turbo...supercharged...nice street racer.
Kinda like a rice-burner, but not loud as shit with one of
those gay kazoo-sounding exhaust shits. Anyway, back on
track. My parents are divorced...have been since I was
about 5 or 6. And after 12 years, I still don't understand
what went wrong. I suppose it's fucked up my life quite a
deal, but I'll deal with it. Now, I live with my dad and my
stepmom...I don't care for her much. She's either REALLY
nice or REALLY bitchy...mostly the latter. I don't care to
elaborate on the topic...this diary is public, so if anyone
reading this would like to know more about me, or just
chat, you can email me...I'm open to that:
[email protected] or aim:darkphoenix12 or
icq:32720293 ...whatever. Some of my interests are J-Rock
(Japanese Visual Rock for all you non-otakus out there
^_^). I like it all...soft rock, jazzy rock, punk, indies,
grunge shit, industrial, you name it... I also enjoy
kicking ass as any First Person Shooter, preferably Quake
3. Mhmm...if you play and wanna duel, I welcome it...just
don't cry when I bend you over and rape you bad ^_^.
Muahahahahahahahaha! Anyway, I used to live not far from
where I live now...those were the days... I moved to where
I am four and a half years ago...maybe more, and life
seemed pretty simple. But in the last year, a big change in
my life has occured. Once again, you sick fucks...keep your
mouths In the past year, I've turned 18,
finally gotten my driver's license (I'm a lazy bum...waited
a long ass time to go get it), and have fallen in love with
the one person that I feel I could happily live
with...which is the entire reason I got this diary and am
telling the world about that I really
mind, but usually nobody is interested...prove me wrong, ne?

I think that was brief to take care of the
history part. I fell in love with Lacey a little under a
year ago, but at the time she was with someone. He recently
broke up with her, and now she is completely distraught,
because her past two relationships she's been
in has "failed" (her words, not mine) on her, and she is
involved with anyone again because she feels it'll just
turn out the same. She feels she's not good enough for
anyone, but I know deep down, she knows better. Anyway,
it's a really long story, and I don't think I have either
enough time to explain or enough space here to type, so if
you want to read it all, go here: ...I'll try to update this
diary every other day, if not every day.

More to come later...sayounara soshite arigatou tameni dokusho